Friday, 7 April 2017

Pictures of Ankita Lokhande's with New Boyfriend Vikas Jain which Prove he is well known in the tellyland

We revealed to you earlier today how Ankita Lokhande has moved on from ex, Sushant Singh Rajput, and is currently dating businessman, Vikas Jain. Though not many of us know Vikas, he is actually very well known in the telly land! He has quite a few acquaintances in the TV industry, including Arjun Bijlani, Mouni Roy and a few others. Everyone knows him courtesy the Box Cricket League. Vikas is actually the co-owner of the Mumbai Tigers team and hence, he knows all the stars.
Not only the BCL matches, but we hear that he has even attended a few parties with TV stars too, like the recent Zoom Holi bash. During one such party, Ankita and Vikas bonded and sparks flew. As a source revealed to Mid-day, "They have known each other for the past few years. They met through common friends from the telly world. But recently, the two have got close. That they are more than just friends was evident from their body language at a Holi bash last month. Vikas and Ankita often hang out together with common friends. Vikas has also been spotted visiting Ankita at her Malad apartment. Considering that Ankita went through heartbreak just last year, she has been taking things slowly.

We did a little digging and even got hold of three pictures of Ankita Lokhande's new boyfriend Vikas Jain which prove he is very well connected with the TV stars. Here, have a look...